As a world leader in guitar and bass hardware manufacturing, Gotoh has always taken the subject of our environment and the protection of it very seriously.

Gotoh continues its commitment to the preservation of our Earth's future.

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As like musicians in the world are particular about materials of body or neck, pickup and other attachment parts are getting important for betterment of sound quarity.

GOTOH R & D is ran by musicians and has been seeking for high quality sound standing from their side.

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DoMo has been manufacturing the wooden guitar parts as like rosette and purfling and binding as well as plastic, bone and shell parts.

DoMo's line up is as follows;
Postion markers made of plastic and shell. Rosette, Back Center Strip, Purfling & Bindling, Decoration for Bridge, Bridge and end pins, Pickguards, Nut and Saddles

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Bone saddles
Bone nuts
Bridge pin
End pin
Position mark
Side position
Raw material - Shell
Head board

Shapes for electric guitar and bass pickguard (ST/TE/JB/PB/LP)
Plastic board for electric guitar pickguard (300x450mm)
Shapes for acoustic guitar pickguard
Plastic sheet for Acoustic guitars (290x220)
Face guard

Rosset for Classic guitars
Rosset for Acoustic guitars
Shell rosset for Acoustic guitars
Back center strip

Purfling (Wood)for Acoustic guitars
Purfling (Wood) for Classic guitars
Purfling (Shell) for Ukulele
Purfling (Celluloid) for Acoustic guitars
Purfling (Plastic) for Acoustic Guitars
Binding (Wood) for Classic Guitars
Binding (Wood) for Ukulele/others
Binding (Celluloid)
Binding (Plastic)

Wood Veneer
Cab sheet (Plastic)
Straight bar for Classic guitars
Bridge and tailpiece for classic guitars
Bridge and tailpiece for Ukulele
Lining wood
Truss rod cover
Sheet for truss rod cover



For stringed instruments, fret wires greatly affects correct tuning, tone and playability, depending on what type of "bead" or "crown" is used for the fret wire.

Sanko fret wires have been used by many musical instrument manufacturers all over the world.

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Wilkinson pickups were the first designed for Trevor Wilkinson's "Fret-King" range of guitars. All these instruments are based on classic designs so that required pickups reflecting the character of the original that inspired the new concepts.

As with the original guitars, the pickups that featured on these underwent many changes over the years, it could be said not always for the better.

As major manufacturers maximized profits, less time was spent on quality control as the emphasis moved to quantity! Many changes in materials and manufacturing techniques were made with no consideration for the effect on the character of the pickup.

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As you might know, Japanese electrical parts are always number-one quality in the world.

Guitar factory line up is as follows;
Potentiometers, Jacks, Switches and many kinds of control knobs for instruments and all kinds of screws for parts installation on instruments.

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